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Through this article, you will get information about the ACWB Payment Date 2024, which has been fixed until January 12, 2024. So you must check this article because here you will get all the details regarding NCWB payment. So now you must read this article carefully in detail because in it you are going to get all the important things regarding ACWB. When you receive your next ACWB payment, how do you claim it? So let’s follow this article until the end.

ACWB Payment Date 2024

You must be aware that, as of July 2023, ACWB payment transfers to all eligible persons are being done regularly by CRA. In this way, if we consider the year 2022 as the base year, then we get that a total of three payments have been sent by CRA so far, and the next ACWB Payment Date 2024 has been fixed as January 12, 2024.

Are you also receiving this? If not, then you must read this article carefully. Because here you will get all that information regarding ACWB. Because other important things have been mentioned in this regard in this article.

2024 ACWB Payments Date Overview

Article topic ACWB Payment Date 2024
Total payment in a year 3
Last Payments date 28 July

12 October

Next payment date 12 January 2024
Year 2023 24
Country Canada

ACWB Payment Date 2024 January

The next payment by ACWB has been proposed for January 12, 2024, and once this payment is made as per the ACWB Payment Date 2024, the next round of payments is likely to be made for the taxation year 2023. If you are also a beneficiary of a CWB payment, then you do not need to worry at all about receiving your next CWB Sultan, as it will be automatically sent to you as per the ACWB Payment Date 2024 January on the upcoming 12th January 2023.

So to receive ACWC payments, you must qualify in the first place. In this way, if you have previously obtained CWB in the year 2022, you will automatically get ACWB.


ACWB Payment Date 2024
ACWB Payment Date 2024


Workers Benefits Fund

If you are an eligible person, then you should receive the payment amount on January 12, 2024. If you do not receive the ACWB, i.e., there is some delay in the payment, then keep in mind that it takes a total of 10 additional days for the payment to be released. And if you do not receive your payment by this due date or after 10 days, you should contact the CRA immediately.

Let us tell you that earlier, the advance payment was to be released on July 12, but it was actually released on July 28. After this, out of the remaining two payments, the first was released on October 12th, and similarly, the second payment will be released on January 12th.

How To Claim For ACWB Payment

As we have already made it clear to you, you do not need any kind of application for your ACWB payment; that is, if you are eligible, then your CWB payment is automatically sent to you. Consider that your eligibility is checked only by looking at your tax return.

If you are a married couple, then, as per the ACWB Payment Date 2024, which is proposed to be January 12, 2023, only one person is entitled to receive their ACWB payment.

On the contrary, if both, i.e., the husband and wife, are receiving basic CWB payments, then it is certain that the working income of both is equal. And if both spouses receive a disability pension, only one of them can receive advance payments.

Canada Workers Benefits Advance Payments

If you want to get information about your ACWB payment date of 2024 or after your payment is due, you can check and manage your ACWC payment due dates by logging into my CRA account.

Let us tell you that there are two components of CWC, of which the basic amount and disability supplement are the main ones, and ACWB is calculated considering both of these as the basis for which person receives which component. Or you can also estimate it using the family benefit calculator.

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