Canada Stat Holiday 2024 – Public And Bank Holidays List

Today’s article, Canada Stat Holiday 2024, will inform you about all the important information regarding holidays in Canada. At the same time, we would like to tell you that the employees can take a long weekend, i.e., leave from Monday to Friday. To get information about Canada Stat Holidays 2024, you will have to follow this article from beginning to end. Let us tell you that you get Canada Stat Holidays information as per the official calendar.

Canada Stat Holidays 2024

Let us make it clear to you that there used to be a time when printed calendars were useful in our daily lives, but nowadays everything has changed. Today, we are living in the modern world. Everything has become online. Even now, information regarding Canada Stat Holiday 2024 and all relevant details can be obtained online.

Here, let us tell you that a total of two types of holidays exist in Canada. The first type of holiday is statutory, and the second type is known as cultural, national, or regional holidays.

Canada Stat Holidays List Overview

Article Title Canada stat Holidays 2024
Category Holidays category
Total Statutory Holidays in a year 13
Country Canada
Session 2023 2024
Examples of Statutory Holidays
  • Good Friday
  • Labour day
  • Christmas day
  • Canada day
Types of stat Holidays Federal and Provincial

Stat Holidays 2024

You have a long list of holidays for the next year, the information about which is provided below, but before that, you people have to be aware of the fact that all the national holidays are not issued by the Stat government.

Under Stat Holidays 2024, if there is a need to take leave on a particular day, then the employee can request the employer for the same. On the contrary, those who are self-employed should accept the leave norms, as they have the freedom to manage their work as per their wishes.


Canada Stat Holiday 2024
Canada Stat Holiday 2024


Public And Bank Holidays in Canada 2024

Date Day Holiday Name Date Day Holiday Name
1 Jan Mon New year day 15 july Mon Orangeman’s day
19 feb Mon Family day 5 August Mon Bc day
19 feb Mon Louis Riel day 5 August Mon New Brunswick day
19 feb Mon Nova Scotia heritage day 5 august Mon Civic holiday federal Workers
18 march Mon Saint Patrick day 5 august Mon Saskatchewan day
29 march Fri Good Friday 19 August Mon Discovery day
1 April Mon Easter 2 Sep Mon Labour day federal Workers
22 april Mon Saint George day 30 September Mon National day for truth
20 may Mon Victoria day 14 Oct Mon Thanksgiving day
20 may Mon National Patriots Day 11 nov Mon Remembrance day
21 June Fri National Indigenous peoples day 25 dec Wed Christmas day
24 June Mon June holiday 26 dec Thu Boxing day
24 June Mon St Jean Baptiste day
1 July Mon July 1
9 july Tue Nunavut day

Statutory Holidays Canada 2023

The Canadian government provides paid holidays to its citizens for a certain period of time every year. The purpose of these holidays given by the government to its employees is to promote their personal moments with their family and friends. Statutory Holidays Canada 2023 are provided by the Government of Canada to its employees to promote celebrations at any of their events or occasions.

Canada Stat Holiday 2024 is being awaited by the people because they are waiting for the holidays from New Year to spend time with their close ones, and new plans are being made by these people.

Canada Public Holidays 2024

As we were just giving you information about national holidays, let us tell you that on Stat holidays, there is a process in which citizens can participate. On the occasion of Canada Public Holidays 2024, rallies, stalls, and many decorations are done on the streets. Everything looks very pleasant and bright.

To experience this long journey of holidays, citizens can go to any tourist place, and many citizens plan to go out. No matter how they want to spend these holidays, People definitely have fun.

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