North Sea Surf Radio

It was the first moment in history on January 1, 2013, when North Sea Surf Radio launched an online radio station dedicated to instrumental surf music from a small attic like a big blast wave in Amsterdam, Netherlands, giving you 24/7 access to music. You enjoyed driving. And its achievement was easily available to you on all platforms and machines connected only through 3G dialogue or any possible connection to the internet. North Sea Surf Radio has proven its history not just once or twice but on many occasions. Let us now give you all the information in detail in this context that you are willing to get, so you should follow this article last.

North Sea Surf Radio

As we have already mentioned to you, North Sea became the first station to broadcast live broadcasting of what we call the Surfers Summer Festival, the biggest surf music event, only through radio. It is noteworthy that through this, more than 100 live shows and interview programmes were broadcast among the people through the best and most famous artists. And this resulted in 21 countdown lists, curating the best surf music records voted on by their listeners. Further information is being received that North Sea Surf Radio will cease operations on January 1st.

North Sea Surf Radio:Music Overview

Radio Station Name North India Surf Radio
Established 1 January 2013
Total live show More than 100
Timing 24/7
Total users Surveys tracks 101 tracks
North Sea Surf Radio website running duration 2013-2019

North Sea Surf Radio Live

From the news on North Sea Surf Radio Live, it is being said that it is very difficult for us to give this station the attention and maintenance it needs due to the time and technical problems it has been facing over the years.

So we feel the need to give this North Sea Surf Radio station a rest for the time being, and whenever we have time to focus on this station again, we will give it another update and a stronger NSSR. Whether we have to return after 1 year, after 5 years, or after 10 years, we know that we cannot delay much longer because this is such a good station that it will not need to be rested forever.

North Sea Surf Radio Playlist

It is being informed that a final show will be brought for you in the coming weekend, and only after this will all the plans be revealed by NSSR regarding the upcoming planning. The North Sea Surf Radio Playlist is the medium through which a banging performance will be held.

Let us clarify once again that North Sea Surf Radio was a website whose main purpose was to play only instrumental surf music between the years 2013 and 2019. It conducted user surveys for a total of 101 tracks between 2013 and 2016 and conducted user surveys for 101 tracks in both classic and revival categories.

North Sea Surf Radio’s Best of 2014

  • Spiral Serpent Strike
  • La Donna D’oro
  • Gonzo
  • Soul Bossa Nova
  • Bikini drag
  • Meltdown
  • Chinese Cowboy
  • Morning Breath
  • Black eyed Surfer
  • In the Valley of the Bi-Curious
  • The omen motel
  • Big dog
  • Return of the dragon lady
  • Den shaker
  • Cafe Bagdad
  • Combo swell
  • Mozzarella sunrise
  • Ramgya
  • Tarantino
  • Penguin
  • Magic Carpet
  • Showdown
  • Black Velvet
  • Mexicanski
  • Dragger joe
  • Antonis
  • Stranger in Mykonos

94.9 The Surf FM Radio

94.9 is an FM-only radio station that primarily aims to serve the beach community and plays a wide range of beach surf and island-style music. And a relaxed and fun atmosphere is created by those who are experienced and knowledgeable about this North Sea Surf Radio station.

Here you get commentary about the music and artists and all the information you need for further reference in the listening experience. Let’s connect deeply. 94.9 The Surf FM Radio is an important and valuable resource for those who want to listen to island and inshore music styles and entertain themselves.

Let us tell you that the programming of this station consists of a carefully selected selection of beach, surfer, and island-style music, giving a characteristic series of a mix of popular hits and many other types of graphics.