Ethos Technologies Class Action Claim Payout Amount

Ethos class action settlement has been initiated and those who are eligible to get compensation can get it. In the continuous development of all the countries in the world, There are many issues that are also developing around the world. In the generation of fast network various data breaches among such insurance that pose a significant threat to the safety of personal information. So due to technological advancement the data is moving around us. Ethos technologies Inc was involved in a such incident ultimately initiating the settlement.

Ethos Technologies Class Action

In a particular period of August 2022 to December 2022, In the particular timeline some third-party authority accessed so much specific data from Ethos files, That includes various sensitive personal information that belongs to Ethos customers and also with some third party. In the significant timeline the technologies Inc struggled with a troubling data breach that’s why some show me specific information was leaked.

Due to which a class action lawsuit was filed against the Ethos Technologies Inc due to disturbing breach. So the eligible customers will be able to get their compensation according to their claim. The goal of legal action was to seek justice regarding the personal information that was compromised for individuals.

Ethos Technologies Class Action Overview

Company Ethos Technologies Inc
Year 2023
Date Breach Period August 2022 To December 2022
Settlement Amount Upto $5200
Last Date To File a claim 20 December 2023
Ethos Technologies Class Action
Ethos Technologies Class Action

Ethos Settlement Claim Payout Amount

The ethos settlement clamp payout amount is $5200. The lawsuit alleged that the company in conjunction with a guide virus software Inc failed to implement the adequate measure as per the rules and regulations due to which the sensitive data is leaked through the targeted cyber attacks.

That is why the company has to give the settlement amount. The company Data breach period is August 2022 to December 2022. The settlement amount is $5200 and the last date to file the claim is 20 December 2023.

Who is Eligible for an ETHOS Settlement Claim Payout

Those who are available can easily file the settlement claim before the last date of the application. The Ethos settlement final approval hearing is 22 January 2024. You can check out the official website of Ethos Settlement Inc. To be eligible for a payout from the settlement incorporated you have to receive a short notice letter of Ethos Data incident between August 2022 and December 2022.

The meaning of the eligibility criteria is that you must have been a Customer or any third party contractor of Ethos during the period. And that includes the personal information that was compromised in your data breach.

Ethos Technologies Open Action Settlement Deadline

Those who do not even know about the eligibility can check their eligibility from the official website through the direct contact. You can visit the official website and contact to claim their Admin contact number. You can directly call them and check out your criteria.

As we have already said that the deadline is 20 December 2023 and all the eligible customers have to fill out the application from before the last date. Ethos Technology Inc has agreed to set aside $1 million to create a settlement fund regarding the data breach of time period.

Ethos Technologies Settlement Claim

Those eligible who submit the valid claims after deducting certain expenses can be able to avail the compensation of the settlement. According to officials the settlement class may submit claim forms to receive a payment of hundred dollars and however the final amount may be adjusted based on the number of valid claims submitted by the customer.

All settlement class members are entitled to receive 12 months of free credit monitoring and also The customers can identity protection services. Along with that if you are also a part of California’s subClass then you are also eligible for a hundred dollar additional payment as per the adjustment.

Ethos Technologies Class Action Potential Reward

As per officials the payment will be made available after the settlement’s approval and final application. After the final meetings and final the approval will be here by court. The final approval here is scheduled on 22 January 2024. So the settlement if approved payments will be distributed in 2024. The last date to apply or claim the settlement is 20 December 2023. So you can find more information about the settlement to through the official website as we have given in the overview section.

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