Epic Game Server Status – Epic Games Connection Error

If you are also looking to get information about the status of an Epic Games server, then here you will get everything that you need to get and are really willing to get. It is worth noting that EG can sometimes encounter problems with the high volume of players on the network. And this happens because of the ongoing chapter of the hit game Fortnite. To learn about Epic Game Server Status, you have to follow this article.

Epic Game Server Status

Although the Epic Games servers are currently operational, issues may occur under Epic Game Server Status due to login errors on the Epic Games server. However, it has been reported that a variety of issues have been reported by many users with Fortnite, and this is in some discussion with the release of the OG chapter. This is the main reason why you may experience a slight delay in performance. But the number of players will continue to increase for the latest festival.

Epic Games Status Overview

Problem Epic Games Error
Epic games outage detected date 2 December 2023
November Course players 100 million
Year 2023
Place USA
Fortnite Server Check Status
  • Third party Fortnite Server Trackers
  • In Game FPS Display Check
  • Network Connection Test run

How to Fix Epic Games Error Codes AS-3

If you are interested in checking your Epic Games server status, then you can check the complete information regarding your Epic Games server status as follows: Here, we would like to clarify once again that there is an error called Error Code AS-3 within Epic Games that prevents you from playing your favorite games on the Epic Games Launcher.

To face such problems, you will have to follow some of the rules mentioned to get the answer to your question, How to Fix Epic Games Error Codes AS-3.


Epic Game Server Status
Epic Game Server Status


Disable the Windows firewall.

First of all, you should disable Windows Firewall because sometimes it happens that Windows Firewall also proves to be a notorious cause of Epic Games errors. For this, first of all, you have to open Control Room. There,  you have to click on System and Security and select Window Defender Firewall. Here, you have to click on “Turn on or off” Windows Defender Firewall on the left side and click on “Off” for both of the given options.

Switch Google DNS

Even if you switch to Google DNS, you can get some relief from this problem. For this, first of all, you have to click on your network and internet options. For the purpose of checking Epic Game Server status, you have to go to WiFi on the Brother’s panel, click on Hardware Properties, and change the IP and DNS settings menu to Manual. After this, you will have to restart your router by restarting the Epic Games Launcher.

Poor Internet Connection

Poor internet connection can also be a major reason regarding Epic Game Server Status. If you want to know why you are getting the error code AS-3, then the only other reason is the lack of a proper connection.

Epic Games Down

Information has been received that there are many social media users who have filed complaints about the closure of Epic Games on Saturday. He reported Epic Games Down on the basis that, after opening the game, he received an error message like “Sorry, you are coming too many times.” The Epic Games Store shutdown was reported on DownDetector, a website that maps online outages. Outage reports, as reported by DownDetector, peaked at approximately 1:00 a.m. on December 3.

Epic Games Connection Error

Let me clarify for you that the error mainly occurs when there are multiple Fortnight users on the same IP address. If you are also a player who has more than one account, there are high chances of it affecting you too. If you are willing to fix this error, then one method that can prove to be very effective and beneficial for you is to take a little break.

Let us tell you that the report of Detector was at its peak on December 3 at around 1:00 p.m. IST. At the time this report was written, approximately 67% of users were reporting login issues. In which 23% talked about server connection and 10% talked about website issues.

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