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If you need to verify the status of your SASSA Social Relief in Distress, i.e., the SRD R350 award, online, you can quickly check the award status online. This means that you can get the information that you are receiving your payment for the current month. For this, you will have to keep checking the SASSA status check every 30 days to stay updated with the grant changes. You can also check the status on the official website Actually, let us tell you that you can cash-send your SASSA payment until December 5, 2023, through a direct bank account transfer or SASSA card.

SASSA Status Check

You will also be aware that the main work of South Africa’s social security agency, SASSA, is to provide grants to the elderly, unemployed, and children through different groups, and this grant is responsible for the livelihood of such people. We can consider this agency a blessing.

Actually, let us tell you that the SASSA SRD 350 payment is to be released until December 2023, which, after release, will be transferred to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries. You can now visit the official website to check SASSA status and get banking details and other information.

2023 South African Social Security agency  Overview

Department South African Social Security Agency 2023
Benefit of Scheme R350 in Bank Account
Dates of Payments Children grant 05 dec 2023 senior citizens 01 dec 2023 Disabled Person 04 december
Yojana Name Social Relief for Distress
Important documents Refrence Number
Year 2023-2024

How to Check the SASSA Status for R350 Payment 2023

  1. First of all, you have to visit the official website
  2. to get SASSA status information.
  3. By coming to the home page of the official website, you will see the option of SRD status.
  4. After entering your ID number, you will have to check your SASSA status.


SASSA Status Check
SASSA Status Check


SASSA Status check Appeal

  • If after checking you get information that your money has not reached your bank account, then you can verify it very easily.
  • You can Appeal a SASSA Status check using two different methods.
  • First of all, you can easily do SASSA Status Check by using the official website.
  • You can also use the official website of SASSA,
  • Or you can also get information through WhatsApp. You can get information regarding banking details by simply typing SASSA on WhatsApp and sending it to 0820468553.

SASSA Status check for R350 Payments dates for. 2023

Months October Nov Dec January February March
Physical Disability Allowance

Older age- disability Persons- children and

03 Oct 2023


04 oct 2023



05 oct 2023

02 nov 2023


03 November 2023


06 November 2023

01 December 2023


04 dec 2023


05 dec 2034





04 Jan 2024



05 Jan 2024





02 Feb 2024



05 Feb 2024



5 Feb 2024

05 march 2023



06 march 2024



07 march 2024

SRD Status Check

Here, we would like to tell you that in South Africa, usually the settlement of payment is done within 14 days from the time the application is accepted, but if you have any kind of problem with this, you can check the SRD status.

So here, we would like to tell you that there are many aspects in which you have to face delays in the payment system.

  1. First of all, if the beneficiary gives his information incorrectly or gives incomplete or missing information, then there may be a delay in payment.
  2. Sometimes administrative delay also becomes a significant reason regarding the SASSA status check.
  3. If the volume of a loan application increases, there may be a delay in payment.
  4. Apart from all this, delays in the payment process are possible due to public holidays and weekend payments.

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